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Ankur Gupta

Management Consultant, Proman Associates Pvt. Ltd.
City: Mumbai


Education, Healthcare / Life Sciences, IT / Web / Internet

Areas of speciality:

Design, Innovation, Marketing

His rich professional experience in the health-care industry spans 34 years. He continues to be an avid student of various human & divine inner sciences, and over time has evolved them as a blend of scientific concepts & spirituality. He pioneered digital & spiritual art in India and continues to explore newer frontiers, synergizing his scientific temperament with creative skills & digital technology. More at His future-gazing skills were consistently looked forward to by almost 1 lakh doctors, over 5 years, through the \\\"Future Medical Milestones\\\" calendar. Besides art, he has written and produced several books, including two books on Internet (available on and Chaitanya Jyoti - Experiencing the Divine. He has edited and designed books on Plastic Surgery & Homeopathy (Times Group), Sanskriti Sangam etc.. He is currently authoring books on Biorhythms, Zen, Humour & Puzzles. His explorations in cymatics & alpha wave patterns has resulted in TRANCE - a series of experimental & experiential journeys in the realm of Meditation & Relaxation through both visual-aural senses. He has directed & produced a video film \\\"Silence Speaks\\\" for the International Film Festival 2004. India\\\'s first \\\"remote workshop\\\" on \\\"Relaxation Skills for Doctors\\\" was organised with the help of Senior Managers of a corporate, utilizing a Video format starter program alongwith a booklet and a relaxation music tape. He has been Honorary Coordinator of the i-I Movement of Times Foundation, inaugurated in July 2003 by our President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He played a pivotal formative and implementation role in the SPJIMR Diploma course on Political Governance for Women in 2004. He has also been on the prestigious \\\"Editors Panel\\\" of IIM Ahmedabad. Having established Academy of Mind Management, he spearheaded creativity & innovation in Schools through special group workshops for Principals & Teachers. These include the all India Aditya Birla group of schools, DAV group of schools in Bhubaneshwar and the Army Public Schools in Delhi. He is on the Advisory Council of Aravali Institute of Management, Jodhpur ( and was a founder Advisory Board member of Orchid International School (Residential), Nashik, Ankur believes that we can all explore latent facets of ourselves, beyond the self-imposed confines of daily living. Inner leadership precedes all personal performances and paradigm shifts can easily take place through Mind Managementâ„¢, once we rise above accepting mere incremental improvements. He has been sharing his ideas and concepts through an extremely popular Sunday column \\\"OPEN MIND\\\" in Hindustan Times. In April 2008, it had the unique distinction of attracting nearly 150 email reader responses within a week. With his powerful interactive communication skills, and prowess in multimedia expression, he is a much sought after speaker, reaching out to audiences of all ages and educational levels. His first ever 3 hour workshop on Mind Managementâ„¢ was extremely well received at IIM Ahmedabad - the Mecca of management education for their faculty, alumni & students.

Mind Management cuts across all functional areas of specialization and becomes an essential aspect on enabling the vision and passion of any entrepreneur or manager.

Time Commitment

6 Number of Hours per Month

Space Commitment

10 Seats over a 1 Month Period

Investment Commitment

0 Lacs over a 0 Month Period