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Mr. Pushpendra Mehta

Founder & CEO, VCherish Media
City: Mumbai


Consumer Services, IT / Web / Internet, Media / Entertainment

Areas of speciality:

Finance, General Management, Innovation, Marketing, Strategy

I am an alumni of Northwestern University (USA), and CEO of an \"online media and e-publishing\" company for young minds - age 15-45. I am also the author of the book \"Tomorrow\'s Young Achievers\" that provides 31 Career Insights for a radically different tomorrow. In addition I serve as an \"Entrepreneurship/Business, Web, Marketing and Communications\" Consultant to Young Entrepreneurs, Executives & Students. My areas of expertise are: financial services, online/web business and e-commerce, media and publishing, marketing and communications, business and strategic management. \" I enjoy reading, writing, tennis, golf, movies and music.

Given that I have donned varied roles as enumerated above, including a salaried professional and entrepreneur, possess domestic and international experience and am endowed with subject matter expertise, I would be interested in becoming a part of the Ment

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